December 30, 2011

An Angry Birds Birthday

My sweet Nolan turned six in November. I really do hate that my kids get bigger. (sigh)
I had been promising Nolan a birthday party when he was in kindergarten and had friends that he plays with rather than just sees at preschool. So, when the time came I asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted and without hesitation he told me "Angry Birds!"
I had NO clue what to do for an angry birds party.
However, with the help of Pinterest and my creative genius, (eh hem) this is what we did. . .

Nolan's invitation

Nolan's playable cake

Life-size Angry Birds game: (this was so so so fun!) I painted the balls and we made a makeshift slingshot. The kids loved it!

Pig Pinata

Mini Angry Birds game: I made each of the kids these little pom-pom birds and pigs. They built up the cups and then flicked the birds at the pigs. They got to take their mini game home. It's not the best picture, but will have to do. :)

I also made each of the kids a mini pinata filled with candy and toys.

Not to toot my own horn. . .but it was a pretty darn cool party! Nolan was happy and that's all that mattered. I'm glad he could finally have a "real" birthday party. I just hope he doesn't expect the same level of creativity from me next year. . .cause it's not happening! :)


Momberger said...

Happy birthday my Nolan!! What a great birthday Lou!! You are a great mom!!!

Greg and Heather said...

you are totally creative! everything looks awesome! i'm sure those kids absolutely love it. i would never go to that much work for a party. haha! i know...i'm a bad mom. :)
thanks for all the nice comments on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben. You really are very creative. I'm having a blast just looking at your son' s Angry Birds Birthday Party!
That's what my son wants for his 7th birthday. I was wondering how did you make the mini piƱata . Your a genius!!! I'm a stay at home mom so I think I would have lots of time to make these.